Preparing for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season comes around every year, and whether you live in a hurricane prone area or not, it’s best to be prepared. Even if your city rarely or never sustains a direct hit, hurricanes can travel up to 100 miles inland. Even if it weakens to a tropical storm, there is still the possibility of power outages and severe flooding hundreds of miles inland. It’s always best to be prepared.


There is great comfort in knowing that even if the power gets knocked out during a storm, you will still be okay. Having backup generators installed Washington DC or your city provides great peace of mind. With a generator, your food won’t spoil, you will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature, and no one will stumble around in the dark. Generators are especially important if you have small children who require heated bottles or elderly relatives who need electricity to power medical equipment.

Medical Supplies

You never know if roads will become impassable during a natural disaster, so it’s best to anticipate medical needs in advance. If there are certain medications you must take, be sure to keep on top of your refills. Don’t wait until the last minute to fill a prescription as it could be too late. Getting sick with a cold or the flu during a hurricane may not be likely, but it is possible. At the start of every hurricane season, repack your emergency medical kit and replace expired medication. After a heavy rain, mosquitoes often come out in full force, so include bug spray in your kit as well.

Fresh Water

It’s not unheard of for a city’s drinking water supply to get contaminated during a bad storm, so it’s always best to fill bathtubs full before a storm hits. This water can be used for washing or to refill toilets. In addition, keep several gallons of drinking water in plastic jugs. Replace each hurricane cycle as water can go bad.

The best scenario is that you are prepared for no reason. The worst scenario is that you’re not prepared and disaster strikes.