2020 Kitchen Trends to Use for Your Remodel

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home. It is a gathering place, serving area and cooking location. As such, the kitchen is one of the most popular places homeowners remodel. Here are some trends to use during your next remodel.


Consider creating additional storage space in your small kitchen with an old-fashioned larder. Companies specializing in commercial remodeling Saint James NY can create the perfect space for this valuable organizing space. Often larders take up less room than a large walk-in pantry yet provide an easy way for you to access dried and canned goods.


Paint or wallpaper the ceiling to add a dramatic flair. Go with a bold color like black to offset a mostly white kitchen. Or simply add a fun design or color to the often forgotten fifth wall.


Who says your kitchen has to have standard cabinets? Opt for a plate rack to capture that vintage look. Shelves provide a modern look with a similar purpose. These let you show off those beautiful dishes without them hiding away in some cabinet. You might find you use them more often too.


Elevate your kitchen design with handmade tiles. These tiles create a customized look in most colors to complement your kitchen design. Or choose wood floors to add warmth and texture.


Like with handmade tiles, opt for a new take on kitchen cabinetry: reclaimed wood. This eco-friendly alternative creates a customized design. Besides reclaimed wood, you can choose other eco-friendly options like recycled plastic bottle cabinets and bamboo cabinets. Even boxed stores such as IKEA are opting for non-traditional options to reduce and reuse.


Your kids aren’t the only ones on the mismatched train. You can mix-and-match elements in your kitchen too for a fun yet modern look. Choose different metals, colors and woods to design your dream kitchen.